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My name is A-Jay Orr

and I'm a Husband, Father of Five, Veteran, and Cancer Survivor…

I’m also a 3x Award-Winning Author, Internationally Certified Project Manager, Founder and CEO of Simple Plan IT, and Founder of the Ohio Veterans Collaborative (OVC).

Nothing that I've accomplished so far came easily. I've been lied to, lied about, backstabbed, and discriminated against because of my age, race, and gender. I've also had my fair share of "self-inflicted" struggles. But all of these challenges made me a stronger leader and role model.

When I speak, I don't just bring subject matter expertise; I also bring stories from the years of hard work and the determination it took to overcome life’s greatest hurdles — challenges that give me the honor of being in front of you today.

I'd love to share my story & experiences with you and your community.

Below are a list of topics that I speak on:
Digital Risk Management
AI, IoT, Robotics, & Automation
Cybersecurity Governance & Compliance
Bootstrapping a business from nothing to 7-figures
Veteran Support
Overcoming challenges
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