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Meet A-Jay Orr: Veteran, Survivor, Innovator, and Leader

Hello, I'm A-Jay Orr. In addition to my roles as a husband and father of 5, I'm also a 3x Award-Winning Author, internationally certified project manager, and the driving force behind Simple Plan IT and the Ohio Veterans Collaborative (OVC).

My journey to this stage has been anything but straightforward. My life beyond the military has been both challenging and transformative. At the age of 17, the Army's core values—Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage, became the core tenants of my life and would guide me as I faced a tough transition back to civilian life. This period tested my resolve, leading to moments of deep depression and thoughts of suicide as I struggled to find my identity and purpose.

At 40, I faced and overcame cancer, an experience that further tested my resilience but also strengthened my determination. These challenges, along with the journey of building my business from scratch through many trials and errors, further solidified my philosophy that "Failure is not an Option."

Today, as the founder of Simple Plan IT and the Ohio Veterans Collaborative, I bring these life-tested insights into every talk I give. I'm not just sharing expertise in cybersecurity and business growth; I'm offering a roadmap forged from real struggles and the enduring values that saw me through.

I am eager to connect with your audience on topics such as:
Digital Risk Management
AI, IoT, Robotics, & Automation
Cybersecurity Governance & Compliance
Entrepreneurship from the Ground Up
Veteran Support
Resilience and Overcoming Adversity

Let's explore how my journey and lessons can inspire resilience and success in your community!

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