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a-Jay Orr

Veteran | 3x Award Winning Author | CEO

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How do you define it?

The world will tell you that success is measured by your job title and the size of your bank account. Expensive cars, designer clothing, a big house, and even the color of your skin are all defining factors that too many of us have grown to accept as markers for success. We’ve been told that the system is designed to hold us down and prevent us from being successful, especially if we don’t fit the mold.

In my humble opinion — that’s bullshit.

Your life is what you choose to make it.

The world has many of us so focused on comparing ourselves to others that we fail to prioritize the value of being unique. Authentic is all that you should ever strive to be.

When are you authentically you?

Maybe you are your most authentic self when you are out in nature or at home raising your family. Maybe you are your most authentic self when you are leading a discussion, mentoring someone, or creating a work of art. Whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself — that’s what you should chase. Should you catch it — that is what I define as success.

Only you can define what makes you authentically you.

Only you can stand in the way of owning that truth.
Everyone sets out on their journey to success from a different starting line. Some have more advantages than others, but nobody arrives by accident. They strive, sacrifice, prove their grit and work their asses off. Every successful person has a story about how they got there, punctuated by great strides and struggles.

These stories matter, and to prove it, I’m giving leaders a platform to tell their tales of tribulation and triumph. With every failure and every win, there is a lesson. My goal is to share these experiences to help you navigate the long road to success and, more importantly, to help you find hope in unexpected places along the way.

Tune in to the Redefining Success podcast and join a community of thought leaders who choose to live authentically and unapologetically.

Success is not a given;

It's Earned

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A-jay at a glance

I love solving problems and I have a gift for taking complex things and making them easy to understand. Couple those things with my Military sense of purpose and integrity, and you get a unique individual who doesn't rest until the mission is complete.
I help business leaders create better frameworks to maximize the use of technology within their business and protect their digital assets.
I help Veterans launch businesses or find gainful employment.
I Encourage people to be the best version of themselves.
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