The Art

of War in

Business Technology

The Art of War in Business Technology

"Being a business leader is similar to being a commander in war.”


This sentiment sets the tone for a tactical guide to not only surviving but thriving amid industry disruption, globalization, and digital transformation.

In today’s concrete jungle, the life of an entrepreneur and business leader can be perilous. Each day brings the possibility of new opportunities, unforeseen risks, and inevitable emergencies. At every turn, technology is either friend or foe (and sometimes both). The enemy isn’t just across town; they’re across the globe, waging cybersecurity attacks in constant succession. Everyone is fighting for the same customers, employees, resources, protections, and market share.

The name of the game? Do more with less. 

The mission? Protect your bottom line.

Technology is non-negotiable. Ignorance is peril. Knowing which technology solutions make the most sense for your business can no longer be left to chance.

As a veteran of the United States Army, A-Jay is no stranger to combat training and preparation. In his latest book, The Art of War in Business Technology, A-Jay brings lessons in warfare to the digital battlefield. His field-ready tactical guide for business owners is a compilation of easy-to-deploy strategies for simplifying technology management.

Inside, you’ll find real-life stories, applications, and practical advice for gaining a better vantage point over operations, navigating business technology, developing a strong digital foothold, and positioning yourself for long-term success.

The Art of War in Business Technology
John Barker

"I’ve got over 20 years of Technology, Business, and Cybersecurity experience, and every chapter resonated with me. It’s on you as a leader to take the reins of your organization, find the gaps and close them. This book gives you the inside scoop to do that. Now stop being lazy and go take action!"

John Barker
Craig Chambers

"The Art of War In Business Technology is a well-written, easy-to-digest guide to more powerful IT practices for the small-businessperson, whether you're new to the topic or just in need of a tune-up. A-Jay Orr's personal stories of lessons learned from the Army and his own business journey bring a needed human dimension to IT management for the busy executive."

Craig Chambers
Harvard MBA (Former Tech CEO)
Andrew Binegar

"Very insightful and thought provoking. The stories at the beginning of each chapter brought the main points to life, and I enjoyed the personal aspect which offered ideas on how to apply this in both professional and non-professional contexts. I will be using your book for our business here at Bridges."

Andrew Binegar
Executive Director, Bridges Community Action Program

Are you ready to future-proof your business?

A-Jay Orr


A-Jay Orr is the founder and CEO of Simple Plan IT and an internationally certified project manager and global digital risk and cybersecurity expert with more than fifteen years of experience in this ever-evolving field. A-Jay proudly served his country and is a veteran of the United States Army. He is the husband to his beautiful wife, Amy, and is the father of four amazing kids, Xander, Vivian, Penelope, and Cooper. A-Jay enjoys traveling and is a diehard fan of Ohio State Buckeyes football, Kentucky Wildcats basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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