Art of War In Business Technology - Audio Book


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  1. Helpful for a variety of business leaders I especially enjoyed the stories about A-Jay Orr's time in the military. Those stories help to understand the importance of the principles discussed. Some of these stories were matters of life and death. Similarly, when it comes to business, our choices can give it life or result in its demise.

    I also found the Personal Life Application sections useful. It makes sense that if something is worth applying in business, it's often worth applying to your own life on some level. In one such section, Orr writes: "The biggest myth you'll need to let go of is the myth of limiting beliefs." This is a powerful message worth reflecting on. Since I am a self-development author, I was pleased to find that this book contains some insightful advice for personal development.

    A key strength of The Art of War in Business Technology is that it will help you see your business's major flaws or potential issues. There is great value in being aware of some of these critical issues that may arise, so you can avoid them and have a healthy and profitable business.

    The book is clear, concise, and practical.

    Of course, much of the actual work will happen beyond the book, so it is up to you to use the knowledge you have gained.

  2. Nothing like I imagined A-Jay!!! First, I'm thrilled to be part of the 3%!! I didn't expect to make it there because, I mean, we're talking IT and cybersecurity. I bought this book because I wanted to support a fellow small business owner local to Columbus. I read every page. This is not tech talk. It's not really business speak. I just felt like we were having drinks together and you were impressing upon me the importance of keeping my business secure and how I could do it - in plain language! You're an engaging writer and this was such a quick read with really good info. I even recommended your book to a client as an excellent resource and you as a potential speaker to their organization.

  3. This is not just about technology. It’s a success Blueprint! I liked the author’s refreshing way of communicating complex concepts in a way everyone can understand. He also took a proven business model and made it relate to any entrepreneur’s model for success in their industry.